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Canyon Lifestyle

Mandeville was a small portion of Rancho San Vicente, Santa Monica. Casa Viejo Canon, as it was called in 1881, was the site of Casa Viejo creek, which carried water year-round, fed by springs in the upper canyon. Just where the Mandeville name came from is a mystery… In 1926, Lower Mandeville to Chalon was sold to Garden Foundation, for the purpose of establishing a botanical garden. Plantings from all over the world were installed, and the Botanic Garden Park real estate office was born. Devastating rains and flooding occurred in 1938, which put a standstill to development until 1954, when development and construction resumed in Upper Mandeville, and gradually the Westridge area.

An Upper Mandeville Association was established in 1957 whose aim, then and now, is to protect and enhance the homeowners’ investment of this beautiful area. This unique and treasured canyon is an area where streams flow, wild flowers cover the hills and flatlands, and wildlife co-exists with Mandeville homeowners.

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